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Helping prisoners and staff look after their mental health

Unlimited access to a range of therapeutic courses

Omnitherapy provides clinically-led CBT therapy courses developed specifically for both prisoners and staff, delivered via engaging videos created by our development partner, Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust.

As the only product to provide immediate self-referral access to guided self-help treatment and early-stage intervention, Omnitherapy makes it possible for those in your care to instantly receive treatment without the need for clinical referral.

High priority

70% of sentenced prisoners suffer from two or more mental health problems, with the ongoing impact and cost of associated issues making the provision of support for their mental health a key priority. By delivering immediate access to CBT courses developed by clinical staff at the NHS, Omnitherapy is able to provide the essential level of support required.

Instant treatment

With our clinically-effective content presented in the form of online videos, delivered via our online self-help platform, Omnitherapy delivers an accessible means for users of all ages and demographics to start on their journey to feeling better.

Cost-effective delivery

Our courses cover a range of common mental health symptoms and subjects, such as depression, stress and anxiety, mindfulness, panic attacks, self-esteem, bereavement and more. By combining this valuable resource of clinically driven content with innovative use of online technology, Omnitherapy is able to deliver therapy to unlimited numbers of prisoners and staff for a low, fixed cost.

User Journey
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Users can securely self-refer
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of sentenced prisoners

The amount who suffer two or more mental health problems.


increase in self harm incidents

The number of self-harm incidents rose by 73% between 2012 & 2016.


self harm incidents

In 2016 there were 40,161
incidents of self-harm in prisons.

A powerful and effective platform for prisoners and staff

No limits

Sign ups, user numbers and
video views are unlimited.
Treat one. Treat all.

Reduce waiting times

Users receive immediate access
to treatment, with no waiting
lists or referrals.

Reduce your workload

Provide hands-off support
with no holiday, sickness or
capacity concerns.

24/7/365 Accessibility

Users can access therapy on any
device, at any time, in any location.

Self managed

Users are empowered to choose
courses and manage their own
mental health.

Fixed cost

One low, fixed cost, delivering
unlimited use of the service for
prisoners and staff in your care.

Clinically effective

Clinically-led videos developed by our
partner, Essex Partnership University
NHS Foundation Trust.

Track progress

Users can track their progress with
fully automated monitoring and
reporting of treatment scores.

Safe, secure and trusted

Secure authentication
and hosting with a
Government and ISO-certified

What do you get?

Omnitherapy provides a complete solution that includes:

  • A turnkey setup of our easy-to-use web application
  • Access to all courses, videos and resources
  • Free ongoing updates to videos and resources
  • User and clinician dashboards, containing all resources
and digestible reports
  • Government and ISO-certified secure hosting
  • Branding and localisation of your web application

A totally unique way to access therapy in a digital world

Omnitherapy represents an innovative use of technology, providing an unmatched degree of online accessibility and support for users to improve their mental health. There is no other direct-access patient self-referral system available that has benefited from the same level of investment and development.

Continued development

We’re proud to combine innovation, research and development with a desire to increase access to mental health services and improve outcomes for users. As such, we’re committed to actively reinvesting revenue back into further development of the system, such as integration with external data sources and yet more videos/courses. To put it simply, our aim is to make things better.

A full range of online courses

Our online courses cover a range of common symptoms and subjects, including depression, stress and anxiety, mindfulness, panic attacks, self-esteem and bereavement, with frequent updates and new courses added as standard.


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