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Increase patient choice and improve access to therapy

Unlimited access to therapy for everyone within your area

Omnitherapy is the only product to provide immediate self-referral access to guided self-help treatment and early-stage intervention.

Enabling users to make informed choices about the courses that are relevant to their needs without the need for referral and unlike other products that charge per user, there are no restrictions on user numbers or video views. With a simple postcode check, we can ensure that only users within your area access the service. Simply sign up to Omnitherapy and anyone can access the service at any time.

Omnitherapy allows people to seek support when they’re actually looking for it - the self-referral tool gives them immediate help at the point they’re most motivated. They get high quality information and an immediate treatment option that they can engage with in the comfort of their own home or at a time that’s convenient for them.

Richard Black
Clinical Director, Omnitherapy
Head of Service – Therapy For You (IAPT).
Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (EPUT)
CBT Therapist. BABCP (Accred).
Essex Partnership University

Clinically-developed and IAPT-compliant therapy courses

Our web application provides immediate access to both hands-on and hands-off service intervention, allowing users to select the level of support they require and access treatment while also having calls and the level of contact you specify with practitioners, reducing the length of episodes and associated costs. We are open to design improvements in terms of course content as we believe this to be a collaborative tool. Any updates we make with providers will be made available to your service users free of charge.

What do you get?

Devised by clinicians, for use by clinicians, Omnitherapy provides a complete solution that includes:

  • A turnkey setup of our easy-to-use web application
  • Unlimited access to all courses, including videos, clinical forms, intervention points and resources
  • Free ongoing updates to videos and resources
  • Digital assets and URLs to promote and link to the service via your existing IAPT resources
  • User and clinician dashboards, containing all resources and digestible reports
  • Government and ISO-certified secure hosting
  • Assistance with integration with your PCMIS or IAPTUS systems
  • Branding and localisation of your web application

Waiting list intervention

Omnitherapy is a highly effective tool for waiting list intervention, able to provide immediate access to treatment for unlimited numbers of users. It’s also a useful resource for psychological wellbeing practitioners, providing a relapse prevention tool and enabling instant supported intervention to be delivered while other resources are put in place.


What began as an R&D project with Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation trust back in 2016, and after investing thousands of development hours we have now evolved into an online therapy offering that’s being used across the country. After being approached by several organisations impressed by the accessibility, convenience and therapeutic potential of our product, we were compelled to build on these foundations to deliver the most accessible and effective early intervention treatment programme commission for providers nationwide.

NHS User Journey
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Sign up
Users can securely self-refer
and instantly access treatment


referrals through IAPT programme

In the years 2016/17 - that’s three in every 100 people.


per year by 2020/21

The amount the NHS has committed to further expanding IAPT services.


healthcare staff

The amount of mental health staff leaving NHS services per month.

A powerful and effective platform for NHS and IAPT providers

No limits

Sign ups, user numbers and
video views are unlimited.
Treat one. Treat all.

Reduce waiting times

Provide additional treatment
immediately while reducing access
bottlenecks and waiting times.

Reduce your workload

Self-service nature of the service
reduces your staff workload while
increasing access to therapy.

24/7/365 Accessibility

Users can access therapy on any
device, at any time, in any location.

Self managed

Empower users to manage their own
treatment, leading to substantial cost-
savings in therapeutic time.

Fixed cost

One low, fixed cost, delivering
unlimited use of the service for
everyone within your area.

Clinically effective

Clinically-led videos developed by our
partner, Essex Partnership University
NHS Foundation Trust.

Automated reporting

All activity and IAPT outcome
measures recorded across
PHQ-9, GAD-7 and WSAS.

Safe, secure and trusted

Two-step email authentication
and secure hosting with a
Government and ISO-certified

A totally unique way to access therapy in a digital world

Omnitherapy represents an innovative use of technology, providing an unmatched degree of online accessibility and support for users to improve their mental health. There is no other direct-access patient self-referral system available that has benefited from the same level of investment and development.

Continued development

We’re proud to combine innovation, research and development with a desire to increase access to mental health services and improve outcomes for users. As such, we’re committed to actively reinvesting revenue back into further development of the system, such as integration with external data sources and yet more videos/courses. To put it simply, our aim is to make things better.

A full range of online courses

Our online courses cover a range of common symptoms and subjects, including depression, stress and anxiety, mindfulness, panic attacks, self-esteem and bereavement, with frequent updates and new courses added as standard.


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