Why Omnitherapy?

Helping users on their journey to feeling better

We believe everyone should have access to clinically-led CBT

Omnitherapy was developed following a common frustration that access to mental health therapy is often restricted and governed by limitations.

Our unique online system enables schools, colleges, universities, businesses and more to easily provide unlimited support for those in their care for a low, fixed cost.

Through innovative use of the latest technology, Omnitherapy makes clinically-driven mental health therapy cost-effective and available to everyone - accessible on any device, at any time, in any location.


per year by 2020/21

The amount the NHS has committed to further expanding IAPT services.


of students

The amount who experienced mental health issues in a given year, but less than half sought support.


of employee absences

The amount of absences in the UK that can be attributed to mental ill health.


young people aged 5–19

The amount who have at least one mental disorder.


of sentenced prisoners

The amount who suffer two or more mental health problems.


of all public sector workers

The amount who have had to take time off because of their mental health.

A totally unique way to access therapy in a digital world

As the first of its kind, Omnitherapy represents an innovative use of technology, providing an unmatched degree of online accessibility and support for users to improve their mental health.

There is no other direct-access self-referral therapy system available that has benefitted from the same level of investment and development.

Omnitherapy benefits

Find out how Omnitherapy can help to support your organisation and users:

  • Unlimited capacity with no restrictions
    on user numbers
  • Cost effective - one low, fixed fee, always
  • All clinically-led videos and downloadable
    resources provided
  • Easy-to-digest video content to satisfy
    the needs of online users
  • Frequent course updates at no additional cost
  • Clinically effective courses promote user wellbeing
  • Users control their own therapy
  • Progress tracking and straightforward reporting
  • Integration available with external systems
  • Secure hosting with a Government
    and ISO-certified supplier
  • Easy set up and onboarding - a true turnkey solution
  • Digital assets provided to promote your service
  • Immediate access to therapy -
    no waiting lists or referrals
  • Therapy on demand with 24/7/365
    access across all devices
  • Self-referral and self-managed
    treatment puts users in control
  • Easy-to-digest video content to satisfy
    the needs of online users
  • Suitable for all ages and demographics
  • Engaging and clinically-effective content,
    approved by NHS clinicians
  • Progress tracked using clinically-recognised methods
  • Helpful email reminders and updates to
    encourage course completion
  • Downloadable resources to support
    continued learning
  • Additional support options provided
    at every stage

A full range of online courses

Our online courses cover a range of common symptoms and subjects, including depression, stress and anxiety, mindfulness, panic attacks, self-esteem and bereavement, with frequent updates and new courses added at no extra cost.

Already helping thousands on the path to feeling better

Omnitherapy is an innovative platform delivering video-driven cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) courses, empowering users to manage their own treatment at a time and place to suit them. With content created by our development partner, Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust, our courses are clinically effective, split into easily-digestible sessions to make them engaging and available across all devices.

Developed in partnership with:

Essex Partnership University


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